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What is Digital Media/Public Relations?

Instead of charging min $5,000 per month as a standard PR agency rate, we offer affordable options on Digital Media/Public Relations to clients with a limited budget. It offers unlimited digital communication support and in-person representations such as product launch and others at additional costs based on the scale of projects.


What is a Press/Media Kit and why do I need one to get started?

A press/media kit is a document presenting information about your business (or you as a celebrity/influencer/artist). The purpose of a media kit is to introduce your business and impress the media so that they may want to do an interview or write an article about your business.

What is a Press Release and why do I need it?

A press release is a short compelling news story sent to a group of targeted media. The purpose of a

press release is to get the attention of targeted publications. When your business becomes more newsworthy, you’ll get more media coverages for the purpose of raising brand awareness and earning credibility that advertising can’t buy.


Is advertising more effective than Media & Public Relations?

An efficient media and public relation management work in conjunction with advertising and sales. With advertising, the message is direct: Buy the product or service. With publicity, you get a voice to indirectly introduce your product or service to customers. For example, customers are more likely to make a purchase after they’ve seen a review or recommendation from a trusted publication such as a newspaper or magazine.


Do you guarantee media coverage?

While we make every effort to meet the expectations of our clients, the end result is beyond our direct control. For example, we cannot force a publication to recommend a

product that they aren’t interested or impressed from their perspective. That’s why we tend to work with brands with high-quality products and innovative aspects of their business.


Do you charge me for media buying fees?

No. We do not charge any percentage of your media buying budget and we keep the third party rates transparent!


Is there a contract and for how long?

Yes, there is a minimal 1-year contract and you have a 3-months-trail option. Ask for details.


Message sent! We will get back to you ASAP.

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