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How do you quote my project?

We collect all detailed information from you and design an event specifically tailored towards your needs. We generally charge a flat project fee based on the scale of your project, sometimes extra costs may apply in terms of third party fees such as the rent and equipment.


Would you source venues for my event?

Of course, YES. We will help you create your event from scratch to implementation including all aspects of presenting a special-tailored event to impress your guests.


How early should I start planning?

The earlier the better! In general, companies who plan their events a few months even one year in advance get a much more satisfying result than the ones who plan everything last minute like one month in advance.

However, we can do our best to accommodate you if you need to plan a last minute event! We recommend you to contact and confirm with us 45 days prior to your event date to ensure availability of our event service.

What if I have a tight budget?

Always feel free to ask us for details. We have worked with clients with a tight budget in the past few years and will be glad to assist you with affordable options to go.

What if I don’t like any of the creative proposals you present?

If you do not like any of the creative proposals we present (which is commonly unlikely to happen), we will present another different set of fresh ideas for you at no additional cost.

Are rentals included in my quote?

Depends. Normally, NO. As rental prices of different venues vary a lot based on the location and size. We tend to keep it transparent and separate it from our quote for clients.

Can I cancel my event last minute and get a refund?

Unfortunately, NO. There is generally even much more time spent on planning and coordinating prior to the event date for producing and presenting an event. It is for serious-client ONLY.

What is your payment terms for events?

A 50% retainer of your total invoice amount is due upon confirmation of your event order and prior to starting off your project. The remaining half is due 2 days prior to your event date.

Are you insured?

We buy general liability insurance for events we plan for up to 1 million dollars. Be careful working with event companies who do not buy insurance for your event.


Message sent! We will get back to you ASAP.

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